Replacement X1/9 Rear Balljoints

We have available remanufactured X1/9 rear balljoints to replace those worn out balljoints on your beloved X1/9.

Our balljoints are made from all new parts, including the boots.
No 2nd hand parts are used, as sometimes the fatigue on 2nd hand balljoints is not immediately obvious.

We employ a bronze double socket system for our balljoints, the same system used on the World Rally Championship winning Fiat Abarth 131 rally cars.

This system involves half of the bronze socket permanently placed at the bottom of the socket, into which the ball is placed, and an adjustment shim placed on the edge of the bottom half of the socket.

The balljoint external housing is tapped internally to accept the top half of the bronze socket, which is then screwed down onto the shim, therefore giving the correct tolerances on the balljoint.

Another advantage of this system is that as the balljoint wears down, instead of having to buy another replacement, it is a simple case of changing the adjustment shim, therefore, our balljoints will never have to be replaced through wear!

All balljoints come with a grease nipple fitted, NEW grease boots and NEW ball and shaft.

All arms are measured in a jig to ensure there is no damage or misalignment of the arm and joint assembly

Please note that our balljoints are not welded anywhere near the ball/socket, as this is considered to be illegal by Motor Transport Authorities in Australia.
As well as being illegal, it is also potentially dangerous, as this can lead to weakness in either the ball or socket.

Our double socket system negates the need for welding!

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