Engine Management/Fuel Injection

(See bottom of page for throttle bodies and manifolds)

  • Control system for custom conversion from carburetion to injection
  • Control of fuel injection/ignition on modified engines
  • Race and rally applications of all descriptions
  • Used in kits by kit manufacturers
  • Original equipment in some cars and motor cycles
  • Design and research and development
  • For use in cars, motor cycles, off-road vehicles, boats, jet skis, outboards, snowmobiles, karts, motor homes, aircraft

    Haltech engine management systems are designed to be as universal as possible and one design can control from single cylinder motor cycles to V8 racing cars or with an optional extra driver box, a 12 cylinder engine, or most number of cylinders in between. It can control throttle body, multi-point or staged injection, distributor or direct ignition, naturally aspirated or turbo or supercharged engines. Name the application and in most cases Haltech can control it.

    Haltech has been acknowledged by magazines such as the US "Hot Rod" and "Turbo" magazines as being the first in the world to develop engine management systems programmable in real time (with the engine running) by personal computers

    Fuel Injection Throttle Bodies and Manifolds

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